Starting your own roofing company can be daunting, but it is an extremely fulfilling and absolutely life-changing endeavor. When starting your own roofing business, you are going to face many challenges. There will be challenges that you considered prior to diving in and challenges that catch you off guard and knock you off your feet.

At the Roofing Academy, we are here to help you overcome the many challenges you will face as the owner of a roofing company. Today we are sharing a few of the biggest challenges you are likely to encounter and of course, explaining how to overcome each obstacle. We hope this article is a resource you are able to reference in the future to help guide you through tough situations!

The Biggest Challenges to Starting a Roofing Company


Hiring and Employee Retention


Hiring and employee retention are two of the biggest challenges that roofing companies face. This challenge is often fueled by supply and demand issues or lack of technical skill training in a specific area.

To combat this consider offering apprenticeships for new employees that meet certain criteria, offer competitive pay and benefits, and be sure to provide your employees with training and opportunities for growth.


Thinking Like a Hobby Roofer


Many people that start a business — roofing or otherwise — do so because they are passionate about a particular field. It is important to remember that while passion is great (and important to a degree) transitioning from a hobby roofer to a business owner is a big undertaking. No longer are you taking on small projects for friends and family, you are responsible for your clients and employees safety, well-being, and financial security.


Knowing All Your Responsibilities as a Business Owner


As a business owner, your responsibilities span much further than the roofing projects. You are also responsible for overseeing the financials, the marketing, the benefits you offer your employees, and more. Even if you hire others to take some of these burdens off of your plate on a day-to-day basis, as the business owner, the ultimate responsibility is on your shoulders. Consider all of the responsibilities that you must undertake as a business owner and be sure to evaluate your ability to handle them accordingly.


Entering the Market


In most regions, there are roofing companies that have been passed down through generations. These roofers have established clients and the established clients have no interest in leaving their current contractors.

Entering the market can be tough and it is important to have a business and marketing plan in place before you begin operations in order to reach potential clients. Many new roofers fail to account for this and like to dive in without a real plan. At the Roofing Academy, we believe that failing to plan is planning to fail and you must consider your go-to-market strategy early on.


Work Life Balance


As a roofer, work life balance can be a challenge, but this challenge is often amplified in the early days of owning your own roofing business. Your days are often very long, starting early as you head to the job site and after hours you will spend your time focusing on the “business” side of your new venture.

Delegating and hiring a team of trusted employees can help mitigate this particular challenge. As you are building your team, look for employees that can fill your gaps or in other words, look for employees who have strengths where you have weaknesses. Doing so will allow you to spread the work across your team and make room for a little more personal time with your family and friends.

While entering the roofing industry can be challenging, the same can be said about many other things in life! While it takes hard work and dedication to run a successful roofing business, if you put in the time you will certainly reap the rewards in the long run.

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