Over the summer the Roofing Academy team shared an article telling you everything that you need to know to get started on building your own roofing company. We talked about funding, licensing, and drafting your business plan, but we didn’t talk about the soft-skills needed to start your business.

When talking about entrepreneurship, people always get hung up on the tangible things. Money, contracts, certifications, permits, legalities. These things always come first.

But what about the heart and soul that it takes to get a successful roofing company off the ground? What about the grit it requires to push through long days and nights? What about the charisma it takes to network?

These things are all equally important to the tangible things. Some would argue they are even more important. But they always seem to be forgotten.

Today we are going to talk about the soft skills that it takes to be a successful roofer. Keep reading below to learn more.

The Soft Skills Every Roofer Needs to Learn


Networking Skills


Word of mouth is one of the key ways roofers meet new clients, especially in the beginning, so sharpening your networking skills is key to success. It can feel uncomfortable to talk about yourself and your new business. Many roofers tell us that they feel like they’re bragging when they do so.

If that is how you feel, try reframing the thought. The next time you feel like you’re bragging or being pushy when telling someone new about your roofing business, try and remember that you are there to help them. Your services are crucial to the health and integrity of their home and you are eager to help them repair or maintain their roofing structure.




In the early stages of running your roofing company, you are going to hear the word no more times than you can keep track of. This can be extremely frustrating to someone new to the business. It tends to feel personal even though it is not and you might begin to doubt yourself.

When you feel like quitting, you need to persevere and push through. Nothing worth having comes easily and it is so important that you keep going. Remember your why and keep pushing!




We roofers tend to be a pretty hard headed bunch. We all like to think that our way is the best way and don’t like to admit when we are wrong.

You are going to be wrong quite a lot in the beginning. You are also likely going to need to seek help from sources like the Roofing Academy in the beginning. Push your pride to the side, own up to your mistakes, ask questions, and stay humble.




Running a roofing company often feels like you’re juggling multiple fragile plates. And these plates are on fire. And they start spinning faster and faster as you go.

In order to keep the plates from crashing down around you, you need to work on your time-management skills. We are big fans of time-blocking at the Roofing Academy, dedicating and blocking time increments on your calendar in order to more effectively manage your time. But you need to find a system that works for you. Whether it is a daily to-do list, time blocking, or some other system, find one you can rely on and use it like a bible.




As the owner of a roofing company, you are a leader. You have numerous employees looking to you for guidance, mentorship, and of course a bi-weekly paycheck.

If this is your first time in a leadership role, don’t assume you know everything. There is a big difference between a manager and a leader and becoming a leader takes time. Investing in resources like the Roofing Academy, leadership books, and even weekend seminars are all investments worth making.




As a business owner you need to have compassion. For your clients, your employees, the community you live in, and our planet as a whole. Lead with compassion in everything that you do in order to establish a brand that you are proud to be the owner of.


The Roofing Academy team knows just how daunting it can seem in the early stages of running your roofing business and that is exactly why we launched the Roofing Academy. We wanted to create a resource where roofers — seasoned and new — could come together to learn and grow together. A place to develop the tangible skills and the equally important soft skills. No matter where you are in your roofing journey or where you want to go next, we are here for you.

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