There I was, a ten year old kid selling Blow Pops out of my backpack in the back of the school bus. I had figured out that if I used my allowance to buy a box of blow-pops from the grocery store, I could sell them for $.25 cents each and get back more money that it cost to buy them. Within a few days, the bus driver caught wind and shut it down. Despite my first failure in entrepreneurship, I had a taste in my mouth that would never go away.


As a lifelong roofing entrepreneur, I now have a lot more experience than I did back then. I have made a lot of roofing mistakes and learned a lot through the years. Through all the lessons learned, through both failures and successes, I have narrowed my roofing experience down to ten rules that every aspiring roof entrepreneur should know before committing to a life in the roofing business. Keep reading below for five of the ten Rules of Roofing Entrepreneurship.


Rule #1: Prepare to be unprepared. In roofing, you’re not going to be ready for everything. It’s important to try and anticipate multiple out-comes when making roof decisions. Plans are going to change. Try and have a plan A, B, and C when making your roofing plans. 


Rule #2: Embrace failure. You’re going to fail. It’s a hard truth. It’s a reality. There will be failures, but failures prepare you for roofing success. Nearly every successful roofer has failed many times before they found success. Fear of failure can prevent you from getting started in roofing, but it can also give you the courage to be great. Embrace it. It’s going to happen.


Rule #3: Learn from your roofing mistakes. You’re going to make mistakes. Your roofing staff will make mistakes. Don’t dwell on them and don’t punish others for theirs. The best education you are going to get in roofing is by learning from your mistakes.


Rule #4: Hire character, teach skills. People are your roofing company’s most valuable asset. Understand that and treat them accordingly. People are going to come, people are going to go. As long as you hire good quality people and give them the tools to learn and grow, everyone will succeed in roofing. 


Rule #5: Opportunity knocks. Opportunity will present itself. You can neither control nor force opportunity. All you can do is work hard and learn new roofing things every day. Stay open minded, learn from every conversation, build as many quality roofing relationships as possible, and opportunities will come.