It is time for April’s Roofing Academy Member of the Month and this month we are excited to introduce you to Shay Bailiff, Owner and CEO of Priority Roofing, LLC! Shay is a lifelong resident of the Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana Area and has a deep love for his community. When he opened Priority Roofing, he did so with the goal of providing the people in his community with high quality roofing services they could trust.


When he is not busy working on roofing projects, he loves spending time with his family and recording music with his band. Get to know Shay by reading more below!


Name: Shay Bailiff


Title: Owner and CEO


Roofing Company: Priority Roofing, LLC


Hometown: Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana


How long have you been in the roofing industry?


6 years


What is your favorite part about working in the roofing industry?


The freedom to be your own boss and capitalize, while at the same time being a big help to others.


What is the most challenging part about your role?


Fighting insurance companies and helping people to understand the insurance process. 


How long have you been a member of the Roofing Academy?


1 year


What has your experience with The Roofing Academy been like?


It’s been great having resources to answer all questions and has helped us avoid mistakes!


What advice would you give a newcomer to the roofing industry?


It is worth it, you just have to be willing to keep up the hustle!


What was your first job ever?


AC repair as a young man. Which basically means I assisted in small repairs and mostly cleaned up construction sites. 


What does your ideal day off look like?


Record music, work and get new clients, have jobs going on, then home with the kids. 


Favorite Food?




Favorite Sports Team?

New Orleans Saints


One Fun Fact About Yourself!


Our band Shayliff has multiple albums and at one point I was signed to a record label in South Korea!