The Roofing Academy is excited to introduce you to August’s Roofer of the Month, Ben Farha of Farha Roofing! Ben is the owner and founder of Farha Roofing, a premier roofing business serving the Wichita, Kansas City, and Denver Metro areas.

From a young age Ben had the hustle in his heart that so many of us in the roofing industry share. He started knocking on neighborhood doors to mow lawns to earn a few spending bucks before getting his first job in construction. It was during this time that he found his passion for watching something worn down and distressed become new and beautiful again.

Ben is a fantastic leader who puts his team and clients first. He runs his business with integrity and positivity, setting an example for everyone he meets. When he isn’t at the office or a job site he enjoys spending time with his family in the closest body of water he can find!

Get to know Ben more below and be sure to drop him a congratulations in the comments!


Name: Ben Farha

Current Residence: Kansas!

Company Name: Farha Roofing

Title: Owner

How long have you been in the roofing industry?

12 years

What is your favorite part about working in the roofing industry?

Two things come to mind. First I would say the people. Whether it’s an employee, a customer, a vendor, or really any affiliate created through the industry. I enjoy the friendships and partnerships that have been forged by my involvement in roofing. Second, I would say the projects. We have completed some really challenging projects under extenuating circumstances. It is really rewarding to see our team not only overcome challenges but to put a product that I think is far above and beyond the status quo. We’re really proud of where our roofs are today.

What is the most challenging part about working in the roofing industry?

So many… I would say managing personalities, expectations and surprises are the biggest challenges we face. I would also say staying current and continuing to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry. Technology, insurance, and construction are evolving at an extremely fast pace. We don’t want to be left behind. 

How long have you been a member of the Roofing Academy?

We began in January of 2020.

What is the most valuable part of your Roof Academy membership?

We meet with Randy once a week and it’s been great. His team and resources — Bree, Cody, and Summa, have been awesome to work with. It has also been a huge relief to have an onboarding/training aid. It’s great to have a head start with a new PM because they run through the course.

What advice would you give a newcomer to the roofing industry?

Be humble, hungry, and smart.

What was your first job ever?

As a kid I used to knock doors and mow lawns. I think it paid off later in life.

What does your ideal day off look like?

In pool, or on a lake or pond with all of my family around me.

Favorite Food?

Lebanese Food

Favorite Sports Team?


One Fun Fact About Yourself!  

I held cue cards for Saturday Night Live for two seasons; 2004 to 2005 and 2005 to 2006.