I have decided that each month, I will be doing a Roofing Academy Member of the Month! I am super excited to do this because I want our members to be recognized for their hard work and helping in their local communities. I am a big believer in faith and family, so this will be a fun way to show off the great things that our members are doing.


The first ever Roofing Academy Member of the Month goes to Armando Jacox! Armando is the founder of Foothills Roofing based in Denver, Colorado. He has been a Roofing Academy member for a while and is closing in on his one year anniversary of being a small business owner on his own!


The reason that I chose Armando for the Roofing Academy Member of the Month is because of his work in the community during COVID-19. He was the first roofing contractor (that I know of) to take his trucks and vans and implement a food delivery service to families in need. He went out of his way to help others in need and even created the Foothills Community Service Van. The Foothills service van was featured on Denver7 not only once, but twice!


Armando has been a family man, leader, and true entrepreneur. I am honored to be giving him our first Roofing Academy Member of the Month award. 


Congrats Armando Jacox and Foothills Roofing and Exteriors!