The Roofing Academy team is very excited to present you with October’s Roofing Academy Members of the Month! Yes – you read that right, members!


This month we are honored to introduce you to to Rebecca Chambers and Julie Bosen Meyer, co-owners of Tribeca Roofing, servicing central Florida! Tribeca Roofing marks the first woman owned roofing company, as well as the first co-owned roofing company, the Roofing Academy team has presented this monthly award.


Rebecca and Julie founded Tribeca Roofing after witnessing the social imbalances, unethical practices, and general wastefulness of the roofing industry. They saw an opportunity to come together to build a family oriented, faith based, and sustainable company. When it comes to running their business, Rebecca and Julie lead with their values first and they are determined to leave a positive impact on the communities they serve.


When they are not busy at work, Rebecca and Julie both enjoy spending time with their respective families. Both women are extremely passionate individuals who find joy in animals and the arts. Please join us in congratulating Rebecca and Julie this month and learn more about each of them below!




Rebecca Chambers and Julie Bosen Meyer


How long have you been in the roofing industry?


Rebecca: 10 years.


Julie: 3 years. During those years, I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by some of the best people in the industry, so I feel my knowledge belies my lack of years of experience!


What is your favorite part about working in the roofing industry?


Rebecca: When we install and finish the roof!


Julie: How to choose a favorite?! I’ve enjoyed learning about the science behind the various roofing systems, from materials to the importance of attic ventilation. I’m enjoying the financial planning of our company. I’ve enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life. But the part I look forward to most, is to help evolve the parts of the industry that I think needs improvement:  sustainability, philanthropy, integrity and having more women owners and involvement. 


What is the most challenging part about your role and the roofing industry as a whole?


Rebecca: Getting our sales department up and running while staying positive and supporting.


Julie: The construction industry as a whole is a predominantly male-dominated industry.  Sometimes it’s a challenge for men to take us seriously, or have the same respect for us, as women-owners as they would for other men in similar positions. 


How long have you been a member of the Roofing Academy?


Since February 2020


What is the most valuable part of your Roofing Academy membership?


Rebecca: Access to Randy and Brie. I also find listening to other members in the industry share ideas and help finding solutions for similar problems together.


Julie: The mentorship we have received from Randy and Brie. They have been an invaluable source of knowledge, support and guidance to us personally and professionally.


What advice would you give a newcomer to the roofing industry?


Rebecca: Take your time setting it up and do it right. Make sure you have a very clear representation of your company before you launch. Don’t rush into sales without a strategic plan on how to deliver excellent customer service.


Julie: Do your homework and learn as much as you can before starting. Make sure you have ample funds. Set up your processes and your company correctly from the start and make sure you & your employees follow your processes, don’t cut corners and stay true to yourself, your company’s core values and mission. Be ethical, kind, strong and not let it be all about you.


What was your first job ever?


Rebecca: I worked on a horse farm. I took care of watering and feeding the horses, cleaned the stalls and got to ride them for exercise and companionship.  


Julie: An optometrist assistant… receptionist, insurance billing, supply ordering and doing the preliminary examinations.


What does your ideal day off look like?


Rebeca: I would spend the whole day with my daughter, Savannah, or my elephant, Miera!


Julie: Spending uninterrupted time with my children and husband, the activity is secondary!


Favorite Food?


Rebecca: Lobster mac n cheese!


Julie: I enjoy seafood, vegetables, Japanese, Italian, French and Indian foods a lot!


Favorite TV Show?


Rebecca: Favorite show is Frasier. Showing my age but I love that show!


Favorite Sports Team?


Julie: The 90’s Chicago Bulls team with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. It was such an exciting time for Chicago sports. Michael Jordan was art in motion on the court.


One Fun Fact About Yourself! 


Rebecca: I love roofing, but I have been saving animals all my life, I would love to dedicate a portion of my life to saving elephants on a global scale.  


Julie: I love nature, animals, children, music and dancing! I hold a Japanese classical dancing title, was a pom-pon girl in HS, and played classical flute, piano and Japanese drums, and have 5 children between me and my husband, Joe.