When executed correctly, running promotions or sales for your roofing services can be a great way to increase revenue and drive new business. However, when executed poorly and too often, promotions can actually devalue your work.


We can all think of at least one store that we love to shop at, but would never consider paying full price for any of their goods. It isn’t necessarily that the quality of the goods doesn’t match the price, but that the store is almost always running a sale so you never expect to pay full price. Or what about the popular home goods retailer that will accept your three-years expired coupon, no questions asked. You shop at these places and will continue doing so, until they make you pay full price that is…


To prevent this from happening to your roofing business, the Roofing Academy team is telling you exactly how you can run promotions without devaluing your work. Keep reading to learn more.


How to Run Promotions Without Devaluing Your Work


Know Your Slow Season


Like all businesses, roofers have a slow season, typically that is the winter for us. Consider running promotions during this time to help increase business. Focus on offering a promotion centered around one of two things, either:


  • A common roofing problem that typically arises in the winter
  • Projects that are easiest to complete in the winter, typically fast jobs that won’t be interrupted by snow


Launch a New Service Offering or Market


If you are launching a new service, such as solar panel installation, or if you are expanding into a new market, this is a great time to offer a one-time promotion for this particular service or market. This will allow you to build up a reputation as a trusted service provider and help establish credibility before charging full price.


If You Offer Regular Promotions, Shake Them Up


If you like to offer regular promotions at certain intervals throughout the year, let’s say Christmas and the 4th of July, that’s fine, but you need to change up the offering. For example, if you ran a promotion last 4th of July offering 10% off all total roof replacements, do not offer the exact same promotion again. This year, consider offering 20% off all guttering cleanings. This tactic prevents customers from waiting on services because they “know” you’ll offer them at a discount soon.


Bundle Services 


If you offer more than just roofing services and a client is considering using your company for multiple projects, offer them an incentive to do so. For example, if a client needs to replace a few shingles, but they are also considering new guttering and siding and you do all three, offer a small discount if they bundle all three projects.


Stick to Timelines and Restrictions


When offering a discount it is important to include a timeline and restrictions on the promotion. Timelines and restrictions help to create a sense of urgency in customers and force them to make a quick decision so that they do not lose out on the deal. It is also important that you stick to timelines and restrictions that you impose, if a client snoozes on the deal, they lose! We do not say this to be mean, but to protect your revenue! If you give one client leniency on the sale, you need to give them all leniency. Suddenly you’re that retailer above accepting coupons that expired in 2010!


Sales and promotions can be a great tactic when you are looking to increase sales and generate revenue for your roofing business, but as we describe above you, must be strategic or risk devaluing your offerings.


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