By nature, human beings crave growth and challenge. We have an innate desire to learn, to try new things, and to feel the sense of accomplishment when we do so successfully.

When we are without these things we tend to feel bored and stagnant. This feeling of stagnation drives us to seek opportunities that will fulfill our inner desire for growth and a sense of achievement.

As a leader at your roofing company, one of your responsibilities is to provide your employees with opportunities for growth and career development. When this responsibility is not met, roofing companies often face issues of high employee turnover, both on the contractor and corporate side.

The Roofing Academy believes in the power that coaching, training, and strong leadership have on roofing companies success and today we are highlighting each of these areas for you. Below we will explore how coaching, training, and leadership each influence employee retention and share tips for improvement in each area.



The ability to and the desire to coach and develop your roofing company’s employees is one of the things that separates a manager from a leader. Coaching is an ongoing process that is focused on growing and developing your employee’s skills. When best coaching practices are implemented at your roofing business, you will see your team members and your business flourish simultaneously.

Try sitting down with each of your team members to see what areas or skills they are hoping to develop. Then come up with a plan to provide mentorship in these areas and support your employees throughout the growth process. If your company is too big to do so yourself, work with your managers to come up with a clear process for coaching and mentorship.



Training must start from the moment your employees first onboard and should continue throughout their tenure at your roofing business. Investing in education for your team members will ensure that your team is constantly refining their skillset, staying up to date on industry standards, and striving to hone their toolbox.

There are hundreds of training resources available to roofing companies, including memberships to the Roofing Academy. Take your time to research the options that make the most sense for your business needs and determine a path forward.



Strong leadership is the single most important thing that you need focus on as the owner of a roofing company. We have all heard the saying people don’t quit jobs, they quit bad bosses and have found it to be true throughout our careers.

As a leader your employees look up to you and will come to you with questions, concerns, and guidance over the years and they will expect you to steer them in the right direction. A common misconception about leadership is that you must appear perfect and have all of the answers, but that is simply not true. Great leaders know that they will fail and sometimes they will say the wrong thing, but they have the courage to admit their mistakes and correct course when necessary.

In order to become and continue to be a strong leader, you must focus on learning and development as a priority for not just your employees, but for yourself as well. Invest in leadership seminars, read books on personal development, and switch your morning sports updates to a podcast on coaching and leadership.

If you are interested in learning more about how coaching, training, and leadership influence employee retention, be sure to pick up your copy of the Roofing Academy’s own, Randy Brothers book: Start It, Build It, Grow It! And if you are interested in investing in Roofing Academy membership to help your team’s growth, contact our team to learn about membership options today.