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If you’ve got a question about the roofing industry, we’ve got the people who will have the answer. Our coaches have years of experience in the roofing industry and have gained knowledge  they want to share with you to take your roofing company straight to the top. These coaches have worked in just about every position you can in the roofing business and can help you with any issue that is keeping your company from reaching the highest heights. From day one of your roofing journey to taking that next step, let us help you not only achieve your goals but exceed them.

Founder / Head Coach

randy brothers

Randy Brothers is the Founder and Owner of Elite Roofing and The Roofing Academy and has been helping roofing owners start, build, and grow their business since day 1. He’s the best-selling author of Start It, Build It, Grow It: The Contractor’s Guide to Success and co-host of the Start, Build, Grow Show podcast, among countless other hats he wears as a husband, dad, roofing company owner, and coach. Randy started Elite Roofing in 2006 after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado, where he worked as a superintendent with a local building company and a licensed insurance adjuster estimating houses damaged from natural disasters. This further solidified his love of the roofing business, and Elite Roofing was born.

Since then, Elite Roofing has consistently been a top-rated roofing company in the Colorado Market and earned a spot on the 2018 and 2019 Inc. 5000 List, reaching nearly $20 million a year. He wants to take the knowledge and experience he got working nearly every job as a roofer and roofing company owner and show you how to take your roofing company to new heights. His passion is in helping others achieve the goals that he once set out for himself. Whether you’re just getting started on your roofing journey or are looking for the skills and information to get to that next level, Randy can’t wait to help in any way possible.

Chief Operations Officer

Connor Rodich

To date, Connor has intimately worked with well over a hundred businesses and made an impact on thousands through various speaking engagements, private events, and podcast features; successfully leading many of his clients to the results of 3-10x bottom line growth!

His unique vision and integration skill set, paired with proprietary methodologies, offer tremendous value for many business owners and leadership teams across the country.

He specializes in coaching business leaders to become polished C-Suite Executives who go on to achieve profitable growth patterns that begin with establishing a clear vision followed by defining an exact path to ensure results.

Production / Operations Coach

Brie Reis

Brie Reis is the CEO of Elite Roofing, one of the fastest-growing roofing companies in Denver. Elite Roofing has become a top-rated roofing company within the local Colorado market. In fact, Elite Roofing was named to the 2018 & 2019 Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

She is a published public speaker with an inspirational story that defies the odds and is layered with hardship and obstacles that were overcome through grace and determination. Her passion lies in inspiring women on their journeys and providing a space for them to develop the secret genius that lies within us all.

Reis is also a wife and mother of 7 amazing children through a blended/step marriage. Being in a blended family and understanding the specific challenges and nuances that nuclear families don’t face, she cares deeply for all families living within the definition of blended (Step, Adoptive, Foster & Guardianship).

Management / Sales Leadership Coach

Cody Hayes

Cody Hayes is the Vice President and General Manager of Elite Roofing. He has been in the roofing industry for almost ten years and has led various departments through multiple stages of growth. Originally from the property management field, he has learned the importance of proper hiring, training, team building, and customer experience. This journey led him to Elite Roofing which is now one of the fastest growing, most recognized roofing companies in the nation.

He specializes in sales, management, hiring, training and onboarding. As a husband and father with two boys, he is always looking to lead by example in both business and family. His true passion for teaching makes him an exceptional coach who is genuinely looking to help others discover their own success.

Bookkeeping Coach

Debbie Sinclair

Debbie Sinclair owns DHS Accountant Consultant an Accounting/Bookkeeping business, specializing in the niche of start-up roofing companies. She works directly with The Roofing Academy to help start, build and grow roofing companies all over the nation. Prior to starting her own firm, she helped start, build and grow Elite Roofing and has been working in many aspects of the roofing business for over 10 years. She has experience primarily in creating foundational data processes and procedures, working and managing all aspects of accounting and bookkeeping, managing the integration of the software used between the production and accounting departments, and managing all aspects of the office and its staff.

Debbie is proudly the mother of three amazing, loving, and successful young adults; Randy, Brie and Danielle and is the grandmother of 14 grandchildren, who are all the joys of her life. She is always bucking for the Grandma-of-the-Year award. She is also very active in the church, is an ordained minister, a retreat planner and speaker, a trauma counselor, and mentor to many young men and ladies trying to find their way through life’s curve balls.

Member Success Coach

Ryan Clark

As a third-generation tile contractor, Ryan has always felt very much at home in the contracting space. After transitioning into the roofing industry in 2011, he began working in production and operations management. His experience in operations provided the perfect soil for cultivating a love for service-driven operational excellence.

As a husband, a father of four, and a coach, he believes it his responsibility and an honor to lead by example and steward the gifts entrusted to him. He is passionate about helping others design and build environments conducive to life and flourishing. Ryan specializes in Roofing Success System (RSS) Implementation.

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You are about to embark on a journey that can change your life and change the lives of many others as you build and grow your roofing company. I want to help you reach your full potential and work alongside you as you begin to experience what true entrepreneurial freedom feels like. If you are truly committed to living the life of your dreams and if you believe you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur and leader that you are destined to become then let’s get started today. – Randy J Brothers