When I first started in roofing sales, I was handed a stack of contracts and a handful of papers that had some basic information about the roofing company. I was told to go sell roofs. Unfortunately, too many roofing companies either start out with this shotgun approach, or are still in this sort of mindset. 

Sales, in its simplest form, is the process of understanding a client’s needs and aligning your products or services to what those needs are. We need to change our roofing sales mindset to build a sales program the right way. We need to start thinking more about the thought process behind buying. Why do people purchase what they do? Why do people buy?

As a part of building a high performance roofing sales team, you’ll need to provide your team with the tools necessary for them to perform at a high level. Too many roofing owners hire salespeople without giving them any sort of tools, training, or system and they wonder why they aren’t getting good results. We tend to hire people with experience, who might have worked for their competitors, or have been in the industry before. Who’s to say that they were ever properly trained in the first place? 

You can’t just rely on people with good personalities to sell your roofing company’s services at a high level. You need to be able to provide a great brand, materials, training, and coaching in order to build a high-performing roofing sales team. Once you’ve hired your first roofing salespeople, it’s important that you provide them with the right training to do their job. A good roofing sales system includes ongoing training, and measures of accountability.. Many of the “sales tools” used today involve technology. 

Believe it or not, the roofing industry as a whole is still living in the past. The more tools that you can provide your sales team with, the more you will differentiate your roofing company; the more you will separate yourself from the old school roofers you are competing against. 

The more your roofing sales team is excited to work for your company, the more success they will have, which ultimately leads to more success for you. In my book, The Contractor’s Guide To Success, I discuss the 7 Step Sales System we use when building our roofing sales team.