Branding is super important to any business, especially if you want to build a roofing business that will last for generations. Consider some major companies that create brands that are familiar all over the world. Take anything from cereal brands such as Cheerios, to vehicles such as Chevy, to sports teams such as The Dallas Cowboys, or even motorcycle companies such as Harley Davidson. Some of these big brands have different brand promises that have been emphasized and marketed over time.

When I first started Elite Roofing, we had a very limited budget for marketing and branding. We could barely afford a couple roofing yard signs. But I knew the importance of it, and each year I continued to budget a little bit more, and a little bit more, until we got to the point where we built the really great brand that it is today—a household roofing name in one of the biggest roof markets in the country. The place to begin when creating a brand for your roofing company is with analyzing your roofing company’s mission and your roofing company’s values. Like all facets of your roofing business, you should start there.

Branding a roofing company is more than just titling your roofing company and giving it a cool logo. It’s about asking yourself questions that help you differentiate your roofing company from everyone else. What is the message that you want to present to the public? Does your logo and slogan represent you and your roofing company’s values? Can your logo be easily recognized? Is it the right color? Think about the color scheme that you want to have for your roofing company. Is it something that you like? Are there any competitors that have the same colors? You’ll want to increase your brand recognition by using the same logo and colors across all marketing platforms and you will want a logo that stands out for the right reasons; you don’t want a logo that’s too busy or too complicated.

Your brand tells your company story and is the basis for long term growth and success. The Roofing Academy has a Marketing and Branding course that is designed to give you all the tools and strategies you will need to build a roofing brand that stands out above the rest.